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The Truth About Freedom

July 4, 2013

I have read that Jesus’ words in Jn. 8:32–“you will know the truth and the truth will make you free”–are inscribed in stone on the CIA headquarters building. This misuse of Jesus’ words is meant to legitimate spies whose “intelligence” will (supposedly) keep their nation free.

When Jesus spoke those words, he was speaking to Jews with divided loyalties, wanting to hear from him while remaining loyal to their national leaders (especially the Pharisees, who ruled over the synagogues, where they taught and enforced the law of Moses given to their nation). Jesus said if they continued in his word, they would be true disciples, and know the truth, and find freedom (Jn. 8:31-32).

The Jews replied that they were already free, and were not slaves to anybody (8:33). Jesus disagreed, disclosing that the truth was they were actually slaves of sin (8:34). Even if they discounted the Roman occupation of Israel, and lived under the Jewish law of Moses and its authorities in the synagogues, Jesus asserted that they were not free. Freedom to live under their preferred national fathers still involved slavery to sin. Only if the Son of the Father made them free would they be truly free (8:36).

So the Jews reverted back to their favorite forefather, Abraham; he was their truly great father, the founding father of their nation (8:39). When Jesus questioned whether Abraham was truly their father, they got testy, turning to “intelligence” (rumors) probably coming from their ruling fathers, the scribes and Pharisees; they told Jesus, “We were not born of fornication; we have one Father, God” (8:40-41). After Jesus revealed that their true father was the devil–because they were full of lies, and wanted to get rid of Jesus, who spoke the truth–they turned to even more desperate rumors: Jesus was a Samaritan and had a demon (8:44-48).

The truth that Jesus was trying to tell them was thus about the fathers they followed: the devil (the ancient serpent) and their spying, rumor-mongering scribes and Pharisees (a brood of vipers). Because Jesus exposed the sin of their lies and plans to demonize and destroy him, they reacted even stronger to Jesus’ truth about freedom from such sin.

Later, in Jn. 16:2, Jesus warned his (true) disciples that they (the ruling fathers) would throw them out of the synagogues, and even kill some of them, thinking that was part of their service to God. But Jesus said that despite such tribulation in the world (due to lies and plots from ruling fathers), his disciples could still have joy, because the truth was Jesus had overcome the world and its sin (16:33). If they remained true to him, it would be his Spirit of truth speaking through them; so even though they would face the same kind of opposition Jesus faced, they would also remain faithful to their one true Father, just like the Son sent from heaven by the Father.

What was true then about freedom remains true today; revered ruling fathers continue to deceive and destroy, even in the name of God, as they desperately seek to gain or maintain their power and wealth. The Son who rejected such fathers in order to remain true to the Father who sent him can still show us the truth about freedom from such sin.

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  2. great post…u kjnow…postin scripture in stone on gov stuff is exactly th kind of ‘christian nation’ america is…i mean its why they claim to be a christian nation…bc they appropriate Scripture which testifies of Christ and perpetrate that theory that if u keep sayin somehting over and over, after a while nobody questions it…

    really enjoyed this post…always refreshing when someone knows th truth of Christ…

    • Yeah, American leaders have a long history of (mis)using God or Jesus to prove how “exceptional” (compared to all other nations) they are.

      • but i always remember how Jesus said…He didnt condemn them (those who He was speakin to) but th Word He spoke…that will condmn them…see? they wanna pervert Scripture and oppress ppl with Christ, but every Scripture they appropirate is gonna expose em fa who they really are…

      • Even Satan used Scripture when he tempted Jesus in the desert. Only a careful reading of Scripture, that includes the larger context of a passage, and a mind submitted to Jesus as Lord, will see the truth.

      • yes exactly right…but tho it was Scripture, which testifies of Christ, it wasnt truth comin outta satan bc theys no truth in him…its how politicians use Scripture to get votes and push thru their agendas…but those who are born of th Spirit of God are safe in Christ and He, by th indwelling Spirit of God, reveals truth IN us…

  3. bc Jesus actually IS Lord…and u cant play wit God…He will not be mocked…

    • It is common for “Christians” to try and fit Jesus or God into their own personal, family, or national agendas; they want God or Jesus to serve their selfish ambitions.

      • yes…its what religion is…politics is religion in action…all religions do th same…they wanna have it their way and claim God said so too…but Jesus Christ is Lord and He wont lose one of His…

        th earth is th Lord’s and th fullness of it is His…and one day every gov of adam and every person on this planet will know that too…every knee will bow nd every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to th glory of God our Father…

  4. also…one more thang…theres a big different between being born of ht Spirit –being a new creation–and following dogma and religion…in fact christianity is a religion like any other….but Jesus Christ is God and He is not a religion and u cant make Him into what u want…altho i know ppl like to claim Christ and live how they wanna live, thats actually religion and not Christ at alll…and they who are apart from Christ will one day know th different…

    • Those born of the Spirit will evidence the fruit (and gifts) of the Spirit, living according to the same kind of love Jesus taught and lived. Religious dogma and rituals fall far short of life in the Spirit of Christ.

      • exactly right…and something everyone should know…bc those who claim christianity arent necessarily born of ht Spirit…they may just be follwoing th religion of christianity as its packaged by th world to push worldly agendas…Christ alone is th righteousness of God and we who are born of th Spirit of God have no life apart from Him…He is our life…

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