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Give Us Our Daily Bread

February 24, 2016

After focusing on the Father in heaven and the coming of this Father’s kingly power–whose Spirit empowers a new kingdom of obedient children who do their Father’s will–the Lord’s prayer turns to a few simple requests. Since God knows everything we need, and since we don’t need much of what we want, this prayer can be short and to the point.

The first request for “our daily bread” (Mt. 6:11) reflects the simple life of “the poor in the Spirit.” The same Spirit that enlightens and enables children of the Father also gives them self-control: they give up their former greed for great things and become content to have simply daily bread.

This request is not just about me; it’s not about just giving me my daily bread; it’s about giving us our daily bread. Children of the heavenly Father are part of a family of brothers and sisters who ask “our Father” to give us our daily bread. The Father gives bread to the family by leading some in the family to help others in the family–both near and far. If they give simple gifts like bread even to enemies (see Mt. 5:42), how much more should they share their bread with brothers and sisters in need. For they know that in this new kingdom it is not the rich who are blessed; rather, blessed are the merciful, who show mercy and compassion to others in need.

Obedient children of the Father, who are likewise faithful disciples of Jesus (the Son), are led by the Spirit to seek daily how they can show simple generosity to those who lack daily bread–humbly helping where there is need, instead of selfishly catering to their own greed.

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