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Free ebooks

There are now three free ebooks available at

The first is entitled The Blessings of God. The first chapter is on blessings in the Old Testament. The second is on the blessings of Jesus in the New Testament, blessings quite different from those in the Old Testament. The third and last chapter is a summary of the differences, and a response to possible questions about those differences between the two testaments.

Check it out at

The second is entitled The Book of Matthew: Jesus’ Kingdom of Heaven Versus the Kingdoms of Earth. Its fourteen chapters proceed through the Gospel of Matthew from beginning to end (with links at the beginning of the book, so you can skip to a certain section or chapter). Jesus’ new kingdom of disciples is very different from all the kingdoms of earth, including the kingdom of Israel.

Check it out at

The third is entitled The Book of Revelation: Heaven’s Warnings to Earth’s Churches. Revelation uses apocalyptic symbolism to portray heaven’s warnings to churches that have been captivated by prosperous and powerful leaders. Churches that do not repent from this idolatry and immorality will face God’s final judgment. But most of the judgments depicted in Revelation symbolize ongoing prophetic warnings that come from heaven’s faithful witnesses and are spoken through true prophets on earth.

Check it out at

  1. shofar permalink

    Thank you so much for these links to free eBooks! I had wanted to publish a free eBook, but knew nothing about the process and being non-computer savvy, I went with a publisher. It is the same book that I’m posting chapter at a time. I will certainly read these books; I knew they were around, but didn’t know where. So thank you, Lucas!

    • You’re welcome. Thank you for your interest in the books, and for your willingness to offer your own books for free.

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